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Vineeth Vincent is India's leading beatboxer. He is also a performing voice artist, MC, musician and an entrepreneur. He is a three-time TEDx speaker/ performer and holds two Guiness World record for "World's largest beatbox ensemble". He is an ex-Sony music artist and has won Bangalore Young Achiever award in 2012. Vineeth has performed in more than 1000 shows since he started his professional career in 2007.

Santhos is the lead guitarist of The Bottle Flower Seeds. It started as a garage band and normally hung around Dhaba shows when the band started in 1997. The Bottle Flower Seeds are pioneers of the trend. The band has played at Legends of Rock and since then it has played live in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand, Germany, Netherlands, the UK and the USA to name a few. Ask Santhos why doesn't he believe in covers!