When hackers meet, the possibilities are endless: HelloHackers

By Saurav Tomar

What if we there was a place full of hackers just about having a good brainstorming session around stuff you’ve built recently, devaoid of job offers or app/website promotions. HelloHackers is a thought experiment along these very lines.

It is always refreshing to connect with hackers near you who are working on interesting things and figure out ways to collaborate. HelloHackers is an initiative to propel this culture and make a platform for hackers to share their side-projects with like minded peers.

This is a platform to promote techies & empower the hacking culture in town. We invite hackers/makers or anyone who is working on something cool and wants to discuss/showcase it to a group of like minded folks.

The response to this initiative has been very overwhelming so far, and we have a great list of projects which are going to be showcased in the first edition:


Ravi Suhag will be presenting his project PayDash, a dashboard designed and developed by Ravi Suhag at EPoD, Harvard Kennedy School of Government in collaboration with Ministry of Rural Development. The main objective of the dashboard is to help MGNREGA officials in monitoring the payment delays of NREGA workers.

PayDash Dashboard

PayDash Dashboard


Archit Verma will be talking about his command line hack, “soccer-cli”, which displays the latest football scores. 241 stars on github, and dozens of pull requests. You just can’t afford to miss this talk. :)

Soccer-cli in action

Soccer-cli in action


Behavioral analysis based on social media feeds

Abhineet Saxena will be talking about his project which he created to create a user’s behavioural model based off of the social media feed generated by him/her, subjected to processing and refinement by a Neural Network architecture. The results and the dataset are validated by a standard psychology test ensuring authenticity and reliability of results.


Naval Saini will be talking about ArchieJs, a nodejs framework which makes it easy to create well organised code in nodejs and also break it up into microservices with single line of code. This is an open source project and there is a demo application available on github.

The first edition of this series is on Tuesday, 20th Oct 2015 from 6pm at Amazon Web Services, New Delhi .

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Sourced from: https://medium.com/hello-meets/introducing-hellohackers-1519ebb0f646