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Delhi | Sunday, 27 Mar 2016

How to be a developer without a degree in Computer Science?

-Robin Thuran Malhotra

It’s not that hard

Firstly, put your pitchforks down, everyone. I’m not saying a degree in computer science is completely useless. I myself am minoring in CS in my undergrad (not doing great at it, mind you, but still). All I’m saying is, there is a huge dearth of people who can build (and ship) software. Even the average comp sci grad has trouble building products (most college courses focus on theory and not implementation), and it’s common to find programmers who can’t solve fizzbuzz, let alone use source control or build the simplest web apps.

Anyways, enough FUD. There’re huge opportunities for coders, with or without CS degrees.And you should be taking advantage of them. So here’s how I started.

Early Stages

I’ll be honest, I did have some formal training. I’d done CS in my class 12th (the Indian equivalent to the US AP exams). However, the coursework was severely lacking. We’d only done basic selection sorting, stacks, queues etc. And being the impressionable young sheep I was, I never really went beyond the course. Zzzz.

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