Dinesh Khanna

Dinesh worked variously as a Calculator Salesman, Garments Quality Checker and a Busboy in an Upper Eastside Bar in New York in his early years. This rather confused career path was due to his teenage belief that if he followed in his Photographer Father's footsteps he would be yet another victim of the Indian caste system. This rebellion further led him to a 12 year long career as a Client Servicing Executive in Advertising where he finally achieved 'burn-out' at the ripe old age of 33 years and which left him with a burning desire to become a Professional Photographer. So in 1990 he finally succumbed to what can probably be blamed on genetic coding - the desire to make images - both as a means of making a living and as a form of creative expression. The last 25 years have seen him involved in creating images for Advertising, Editorial and Corporate clients, specifically in the area of Food, Still-life, People and Interiors.

He has been associated with BitGiving through the Delhi Photo Festival campaign. 

Anusheela Saha

Anusheela Saha has been working in advertising for over 10 years. She believes its the best thing to have happened to her. Where else could one be an art director, illustrator, product designer, production in-charge, printing expert, assistant photographer and even a seasoned proof reader!

She strongly believs in the language of Design for Good and thats how The Light Bag - came into existence. A school bag is adept with solar panels and LED light, that charges during the day and allows under privileged kids to study at night, when their homes do not have any electricity.

Currently she is working as a Senior Creative Director with Cheil Worldwide. In the hours that is left for herself - she keenly follows contemporary art. Yue Minjun is one of her favourite artists and she hopes to afford his work someday soon! She is also a movie fiend, they say its impossible to match her in vintage hindi movie trivia!