What is Global Internship Program? 

AIESEC's Global Internship Program offers senior university students, fresh graduates, post graduates/masters students and professionals, the opportunity to take on a cross-cultural paid professional development experience with some of the top companies from around the world. The Program specifically targets skill development both to meet the education plan of the intern participating as well as to support filling a talent need for the company.

What will you gain from this program?

  • A professional development experience.
  • Practical skills in a foreign environment to complement you education & work experience.
  • Preparation for future management-level responsibilities.
  • Opportunity to apply knowledge, skills, attitudes and values at work and in the community.
  • Interaction with a new socio-cultural environment and professional networking.
  • Awareness, knowledge and interaction with social issues, work culture and different practices.
  • Monthly stipend of minimum US$400.
  • Average Indian stipend is US$900.


Rs.250 will be refunded and adjusted in Application Fee upon clearing the qualifier on 12 Sep 2015

Refer friends & Get Your Entry Ticket Free

  • Refer a friend and get INR.50 cash voucher at each referral. So if 5 of your friends purchase entry ticket to AIESECGIF, your ticket is FREE. Yes, you get cash voucher worth INR.250 from HelloMeets. This is over and above the discount of Rs.250 if you get selected.
  • The cash voucher is valid only if you have purchased your entry ticket before your friend has purchased. If your friend uses your refer code before you purchase your ticket, your cash voucher shall be void.
  • One can refer at max 5 friends to AIESECGIF.
  • What's more, even your friend gets a discount of INR.50 when he uses your refer code to purchase his entry ticket.
  • You shall receive your refer code right after you purchase your ticket

Global Talent Information Booklet



Sign Up:

Create and update your profile on the HelloMeets sign up page. Within 24 hours of signing up, we shall share the live opportunities. 

Resume Qualification:

To ensure that your application meets with International standards and the protocols as provided by AIESEC, we review your CV in this initial stage.

Company Selection process :
This entails browsing and applying for various internships and taking 2 rounds of virtual interviews: 

  1. By the AIESEC in Host Country &
  2. The final round of selection is conducted by the company

Assessment Centre and Interview-Selection:

AIESEC’s Review Board will conduct a personality assessment. Skill Assessments through online/offline tests at AIESEC Global Internship Program (AIESEC-GIP) in Bangalore. 

Contract and Application Fee:

After the selection, AIESEC signs a contract with you agreeing to the terms and conditions of the AIESEC experience and you are required to pay the minimum registration fee (INR 5000) for the Global Internship Program.

You will now be approved to apply for the internships in our opportunities portal. If you are selected for Global Internship Program at AIESEC-GIP, the entry ticket worth INR 250 shall be waived off from the registration fee of INR 5000.

Contract, Application Fee & Entry Ticket Waiver Process

What's more interesting is that if you decide to pay minimum registration fee on INR 5000 on the spot, you get 20% discount and hence you save INR 1250 (5000 - 20% discount - entry ticket)

Selected candidates will have to confirm payment of contract and application fee within 48 hours of approval for Global Talent Program.

Project Fee and Application for VISA :

Based on the duration of your project we charge a nominal fee for all of our services:

Once you are selected for an internship of your choice and paid the project fee, AIESEC members help you with supporting documents and you can apply for the VISA

Preparation : You would then have a preparation session with AIESEC

Internship Experience: This completes the entire exchange process, as you land in the host country and commence your internship till the date you complete it