Most of the practical advice is redundant, but there’s value in it even as such—if you hear the same things over and over again from different angles, especially from prominent people, it tends to sink in more. The stories tend to be galvanizing though, especially hearing about the screw ups. That’s the actual beauty in the off-the-record-ness: you hear just how screwed up most of these successful startups were on the way up!

Hello Rahul Narvekar, Founder CEO,

Rahul Narvekar, the Founder-CEO of IndianRoots (an NDTV venture), is an e-commerce entrepreneur who started his career at an early age as a salesman to support his education. From sales campaigns, corporate advertising, and marketing to handling revenue, Rahul has done it all before co-founding FashionAndYou in 2009,- a coveted fashion and luxury brands e-commerce store, acknowledged as India's fastest-growing e-commerce site.

An alumnus of Mumbai University, IIM Calcutta, and Essec Business School, Rahul's entrepreneurial journey is an inspiring tale for everyone who wishes to make it big in e-commerce. He believes in the power of entrepreneurship to empower India. An enthusiastic traveler and foodie, Rahul loves to be on the road and relishes new cuisines.

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Flow of GrowthTalks


  1. All the attendees MUST purchase a ticket per head to attend GrowthTalks


  1. All the attendees must produce the purchased tickets either in electronic or in print format
  2. The event starts sharp on time - please reach the venue 15 minutes before schedule
  3. Ice-breaking: Each startup introduces itself in 60 seconds 
  4. The keynote speaker shall address the audience for up to 30 minutes
  5. Post this, the house opens for a round-table discussion on startups' challenge


  1. Open networking over soft drinks
  2. Talks end with a period of usually quite intense Q&A, after which everyone gets up and breaks into smaller informal groups

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