I am reading the book "Cashvertising: How to Use More Than 100 Secrets of Ad-Agency Psychology to Make Big Money Selling Anything to Anyone" by Drew Eric Whitman.

This book shares more than 100 secrets of Ad-Agency psychology to make BIG MONEY selling anything to anyone.

I have decided to share all the 100 secrets rarely known by people with you, one by one.

Want to earn more? Want to know how businesses make you spend Money?

If YES, keep reading...Go till the end.

I guarantee you don't know about most of them. And are using almost none.

In this blog, I will share secret no.1, it sounds simple and makes your copy simple to read.

It's called - The Psychology of Simplicity.

Follow these 12 points to write content that's easy for readers to understand -

1."Write to the Chimpanzee brain. Simply. Directly". - Eugene Schwartz.

2. Always choose the simpler way to convey your message.

Here's an example -

Simple - Sahiba Loves Marry.

Difficult - Sahiba has profound affection for Marry.

3.  Stalk and observe your audience.

Use their words even if they sound childish.

For example: If they use the word "examples & use" and not words like use cases, practical guide & practical application. The write simple as below.

✔️ Here is how you can use NoCode

✔️ Here are some NoCode examples.

❌ Here is practical guide to no code

❌ Use cases of NoCode - A practical guide

4.  Good writing which helps others is also about having less ego and not considering yourself a guru.

Think like laymen and not a journalist.

You don't need to show off everything and every word you know. When it comes to expressing, come below your level.

5.  Keep your sentences short.

11 WORDS is the ideal length according to Dr Rudolph Flesch- Readability expert & writing consultant who was an evangelist of plain English in the United States.

He created the Flesch Reading Ease test & co-creator of Flesch–Kincaid readability tests.

6.  Refer to people in your writing.

Ideal is referring to them 14 times in every 100 words. (Use names like Marry, Sahiba, he, him, she, her and so on).

This will make the reading personal and warm.

7.  Write short sentences Express only 1 thought in one sentence.

Use next sentence to say next thing. Why?

It's easier for readers to process & understand 1 thought at a time.

Longer sentences mean longer thoughts. They make people think more & you'll more likely lose them.

8.  Rule of thumb -

70-80% of your copy should consist of 1 syllable words.

Mat vs mattress.

9.  Be specific.

The more specific you are, the less figuring your reader has to do to understand your message.


❌  Marry did something

✔️ Marry ate chocolate

❌  Become financially successful.

✔️ You'll make up to $ 2495 every week

10.  Use short & simple words.

Unfortunately most of you write tough & there is a good reason for that: that's how you were taught to write at school.

Use hungry instead of famished.

Use evil instead of nefarious.

REMEMBER - Write to the Chimpanzee brain.

11. Write short paragraphs.

Trick readers eyes to move down your page.


Dear Marry,

Would you like to know how business make you spend your money?

I thought so.

12. Confidence & Authoritativeness.

Like I told you in the beginning  "I have decided to share all the unknown secrets with you all one by one." and "I guarantee you don't know about most of them. And are using almost none."

These 12 Tips will help you write simple like a class 5 kid.

In the next blog, I will share secret no. 2 - "BOMBARD YOUR READERS WITH BENEFITS".

Till then you apply the above points & share guaranteed results with me.