Ticket Price : Rs 999

Benefits of learning Mean.JS

  • The whole stack is on a single language (JavaScript)
  • Javascript being a powerful scripting language gives a really good modular approach
  • Performance of Apps built on this stack as both the frontend and backend gives async execution
  • The MEAN components are open source; which means the stack gets updated regularly. In addition to this, it is easy and flexible to understand and use which helps the developers to customise as per your needs
  • It supports the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture 
  • The huge module library of Node.JS and the use of JSON is to transfer the data

Who's using Mean.JS

Paypal, Linkedin, Netflix, The New York Times, Dow Jones and Uber have placed Node.JS solutions into production. 

Yahoo and HP have planned their next generation products on MEAN stack platform.

About the Trainer

He has been working in the area of computers since 11th grade. He started with the basics of programming by learning C++ and from the  moved on to Web Development, Scripting, Data Crawling, Open Source Development, Machine Learning, some frameworks and then Application Development.

He's presently the founder at biggbinder, an e-commerce website that deals with bulk orders of stationery for co-operates.

And has previously worked with multiple startups like:

  • Practo - Where he created a ACL CRUD application for test suit automation using bootstrap with flat-admin with Angular.js on the frontend and Lumen micro api PHP framework on the backend. Also developed mocha snippets to test their Node.js application named oneness.
  • SoDelhi - He developed their web application where the user could read some articles that were displayed as a feed similar to Facebook. For this web application, the concept of zero loading was implemented, using angular.js. 
  • Healthkart - Built a platform there where users could connect to nutritionists and communicate over the net. The web app was developed in Drupal. The interface had a workflow for which every user that signed up was assigned to a counselor that would manage his/her diet and exercise plan. The diet chart and the exercise plan were provided to the user in the form of CSV file and they were to be imported into the system. The counselor had a counselling calendar that helped them manage the users and their allocations. 

Ticket Price : Rs 999

Venue - The Founders Cafe, Okhla, New Delhi