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About Nishrit Shrivastva

After being brought up in Delhi, Nishrit earned a BS in Computer Science from UIUC, worked for an year at Pearson Education's core development team in the US. He left an offer at Google, Mountainview in 2011 seeing the increasing popularity of start ups in India (Flipkart, fashionandyou, etc were just picking up). Few months later he was recruited by Oliver Samwer of Rocket Internet to join them in their India expansion and was part of the founding team.

Along with his partner Tushar Ahluwalia (who is also with him at StalkBuyLove as well) and Sunnyraj Agarwal, launched www.heavenandhome.com that affiliated with Westwing Global Group of Companies. Within 6 months, it was the biggest home decor and furniture shopping club of India and had grown to a team of 200+. In mid 2012 the founders exited to Fabfurnish and decided to quit Rocket Internet to do their own startup in fashion space. Since then, they have been working on making StalkBuyLove the biggest fast fashion brand in India and the world.

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