What's in it for you? 

  • Data Science in decision making: Gut VS Numbers
  • User Centric Metrics
  • Personalisation of your App
  • Machine Learning in your startup

About the speaker

Abhishek Goyal, is an IIT Delhi alumni, started his career with American Express where his team used to predict the behaviour of users and identify people who are not going to pay their credit card bills. After that he cofounded, Eagerbug, a test preparation startup where we try to make sure that you are always challenged irrespective of your current standing. 

Currently at BobbleApp using data to make sure that their 50,000,000 million users have an awesome experience. 


In order to keep it an engaging one on one session, we have kept it limited to 20 people only


INR 299 per head only


Venue - One Internet, G 36, CP, New Delhi