About Speakers

Lalit Vijay

Curator LaraveLive India.
Leading Backend and Architect of StyleDotMe, Co-founder Zeppery (A Food Tech Startup). Working mostly with around PHP 7/5.6, Laravel, Node, Express and Firebase.

Marcel Pociot
Creator of BotMan, a framework agnostic PHP library to build chat bots. 

About this meetup

Most startup founders and developers can't stop coming up with great ideas for products but the time and effort it takes to go from an idea to a working prototype can often be too long and stop you from getting started on time. So, here we are with "Idea to Prototype workshop"

Laravel provides a set of easy-to-use tools that minimise the pain of taking our Apps from idea to reality. In this talk we will pick up an idea of a simple SaaS product, spin up a new laravel project and create a prototype in no time at all. 

We will cover the basics of laravel, frontend and backend development, server management, and rapid application development.

What will be your takeaway?

By the end of the talk you'll have your prototype ready using Laravel.

Ticket Price : Rs 199

Venue - The Founders Cafe, Okhla, New Delhi