What all will be discussed?

  • What is Email Marketing
  • Types of Emails 
  • Why Email Marketing
  • How to start with Email Marketing
  • How to make your emails responsive and focus on engagement 
  • Tips & Tricks 
  • FAQ's 

About the speaker

Chirayu Akotiya is working as a Product Marketing Manager at MyOperator - VoiceTree Technologies. Where he's looking after the following:

  • Digital Marketing: Web Analytics, Email Marketing, Social Media, SEM, Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing: Email creation, A/B Testing, Drip campaigns, Behavioural campaigns
  • Product: Analytics, A/B Testing, User Behaviour Optimisation, Conceptualisation, Feature detailing and evangelism
  • Funnel Optimisation: ToFu, Mofu, Bofu, Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Design: Ad design, Landing page design
  • Product Communications 
  • PR Strategy

He's also consulting a few startups like Happay and SponsifyMe and has previously worked with TestFunda as Associate Marketing Manager.


In order to keep it an engaging one on one session, we have kept it limited to 20 people only

                                                              INR 299 per head only