The experience was very good. As a startup, we keep a very high bar on culture fit- we want to recruit only those people who realize the challenges and opportunities of working in a startup. At the event, we did not worry much about the culture fit. It made the hiring process significantly shorter and more pleasant. My best wishes to the team.
— Konark Singhal, Founder & CEO, Mockbank
I personally spend a lot of time in hiring and most of the times I take my decision in 5 minutes of meeting the candidates.
— Deepak Ravindran, Founder & CEO,
If we can meet the freelancers locally, the decision making for us becomes easier because offline meetings help the most.
— Jaya Jha, Co-Founder, InstaScribe and
We ask 5 quick questions from our bank to every candidate in 60 seconds that helps us determine whether he is fit enough for further discussion. It has always worked for us! At times, we have been able to hire developers in just 30 minutes.
— Pranay Agrawal, Cofounder & CEO,
Never hire without meeting face-to-face. While the situation may require you to make offers without meeting people in person, I have come to believe that no full-time offer should be made without meeting face-to-face at least once.
— Annkur Agarwal, Clerk-2-CEO,
I always go out for a quick lunch with potential hires to understand them and whether they would fit in our culture.
— Varun Shoor, Founder & CEO,