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Just attended this amazing HelloMeets meetup with Ashish Tulsian and Nikunj Kewalramani. It was one of those priceless learning experiences where the knowledge just flows! I have about 1200 words worth of highly applicable notes on content marketing and content creation from this session.
Krushnaraj Hudad
Content Creator, ex-HelloMeets
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Never thought that people will be so intrigued with the session that they will carry the laptop to their washroom to not miss it for a second. 😅😅 Had a great experience sharing my thoughts on influencer marketing and community management in collaboration with HelloMeets.
Gaurav Singh Bisen
Associate Director, Graphy
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First time speaking at a live meetup! I liked it. People with whom I interact regularly will tell you that I am infatuated with #crypto. It is so deeply ingrained in me that sometimes that is the only thing I talk about. However, things are changing. Not the crypto part, just me trying to educate other people about crypto.
Naresh Kumar
Head of Marketing, Claystack
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A few years back someone invited me to be on their podcast 🎙️🎙️ They sent me a topic of their choice and we ended up recording it. And then the worst happened! They decided to ditch it! Without any explanation or communication thereafter. It blew my mind (literally!) 🤯🤯🤯
Taru Bhargava
Content Marketing Manager, Genbook
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Saturday mornings done right! Thanks, HelloMeets for the opportunity and thank you to everyone who joined in. It is encouraging to see that the #contentmarketing ecosystem is growing from strength to strength. Questions being asked are becoming more and more intelligent and tougher to answer! Happy days!
Natasha Puri
Content Marketing Lead, Pepper
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Thank you HelloMeets for having me. It was such a wonderful session, I had a great time interacting with everyone. #uxmeetup #thankyou #uxcareer #uxdesigners
Ankita Agrawal
Interaction Designer, Google
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I absolutely loved the session today and the energy the group brought despite a Saturday afternoon. Thanks HelloMeets for organising this and Aaryan Awasthi for hosting the event. Today we spoke about key soft skills required for software engineering and frameworks which you can employ to execute the skills.
Dhruv Agarwal
Engineering Manager, ex-Shuttl
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Because talking on a stage isn't only about what you've to convey to the audience, it's also what you take back from them. It was great to speak in front of such an amazing audience. A big shout out to Paperflite and HelloMeets for putting this together.
Deepanker Saxena
Senior Manager Product, Socure
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