1. Who can attend Young Guns? - Any student who has technical (developers, coders, designers) or business (marketing, finance, law) background can attend. What unites all the Young Guns is the common interest in making a dent in the world through entrepreneurship. 
  2. What is the process of registration? - Young Guns has a corresponding page on the website with a registration page. If the registration is not open, ticketing has either not yet opened or is already sold out. 
  3. Why is it a paid event? - The majority of your ticket price goes towards prize money for the event and the rest in organising the event and paying for the refreshments over the event. 
  4. What and why are the multiple ticket types? - We ought to maintain an event ratio of Technical (coders, designers, etc.) and non-technical (business, marketing, finance etc.) participants. The ratio of such participants is important to maintain to ensure a high quality event. Hence, we request you to purchase tickets in the category which describes your background.
  5. What should I carry for Young Guns? - Laptop, Power cord, camera (to take pictures & videos), lots of positive & creative energy (set your self to be highly productive)
  6. How much prepared should I come? - We suggest you to do a basic research on startup tools. For best results, please take a look at http://goo.gl/GrAHXq If you plan to pitch an idea:
    • Do thorough research & preparation around your idea as you feel necessary to give a persuasive pitch and attract a team.
    • Boil down to basics - you only have 60s to pitch your idea, so pull out the most attractive points of the problem.
    • Practise your pitch using a timer
    • Make sure you have had enough sleep so that you come all charged to rock for next two days
    • And tell all your friends and family about the big day - you need lots of good luck
  7. What is the last date to register for Young Guns?The applications for Young Guns close at midnight on 2nd September 2015. Buy your ticket now because the tickets are on a first cum first basis.

What happens on Day 1 of Young Guns?

  1. Saturday - Participants arrive between 8:30-9:00 am, begin networking and have tea-snacks. After an ice-breaking session there will be a short speech on Lean Startup Practices. Then the pitch will commence: anyone intending to pitch will have 60 seconds to give their best pitch. No presentations or props are needed. After the pitch, all attendees will vote on the best pitches and using these votes the top ideas will be selected to be worked over the weekend.
  2. Teams will be formed organically, consolidate and begin working. Teams will work all day with occasional breaks to listen to coaches arriving during the event. The coaches will provide concrete advice in the field  of their expertise for those team that want it. All the teams shall be preparing a minimum viable product (MVP) with ONE FEATURE. The sooner you finish, the earlier & more time you get to go out in the market and get traction around your MVP.
  3. Sunday - Teams will work uninterrupted out in the market till mid-afternoon. Teams will begin to wrap up their findings/ traction, practise their demos. The 5-minute presentation shall begin upon arrival of all the judges. Each presentation shall be followed by 2-3 minute Q&A session. The jury will select one top team and the prize distribution follows.

What types of ideas can I pitch? Any business idea is eligible whether for-profit, non-profit or social. However, the event is strongly bound to be tech-oriented. We recommend non-tech ideas focus on a tech-enabled deliverable.

Can I pitch my existing startup? - No. we have designed the flow for the ideas to grow from the ground - right from scratch. We believe each one should start from the same level for a fair play.

Is there a way to protect my idea from stealing? - There is no way to protect your idea. The only way to protect is to store your idea in mind and not work. If your idea is good enough it will be copied by many and it is what every investor loves. Competition is always good for the ecosystem. 

If you are very concerned, you can limit your pitch to the rough outline of the idea without revealing much. Implementing the idea, innovation, the advantages gained from feedback, a motivated team and self-confidence far outweighs the risk of someone stealing and executing your idea. The problem/ idea that you have thought has also been thought by someone in the past and will be thought in the future, it doesn’t imply it isn’t a good one but what separates you from the crowd is your execution. The execution reflects the team’s passion towards the idea.

What if my idea doesn’t get the threshold votes? - The purpose of the event is to highlight the most popular/ high-potential ideas and end up with manageable number of teams. If your idea isn’t voted for the event but you have formed a team around it, you are welcome to work on it. If you decide to do so, this might be considered in your eligibility to win prizes. However, you shall receive complete support from the coaches present at every stage. 

How do teams address the issue of IP/ ownership? - The startup team decides upon it. HelloMeets does not support or take part in signing of any legal documents at the event itself. Coaches at the venue are not permitted to give any special legal counsel. We have found from startup founders that the teams who don’t focus on it until it actually matters are more productive and successful than those who do.

What are we supposed to accomplish at the end of Sunday? - It’s in your best interest to plan your execution around Customer Validation around early adopters. We shall be working to validate - Do customers value the SINGLE feature you have built in your product? Are they people willing to pay for your product/ service with that ONE feature?

Are teams expected to continue with the idea after the competition? - It is completely up to you whether your team or part of your team continue to work on the idea. If your startup is going strong, good work is always exposed to the right people. We’d love to help you but we don’t know everyone.

For any query please reach out to Tanmay at + 91 9873 420 580